Breakfast Ideas

If you’ve been faithfully blending up the green sludge I wrote about in Part I , then you might also be ready for a variation. I would encourage you to play around and throw in whatever you feel would be tasty, as long as it keeps the sugar content low-ish. So in honor of Apple […]

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Its back to school …and back to the morning grind. I’ve been looking for a more exciting breakfast option to replace the ol’ gluten free oats and fruit that I’ve been rockin’ for a few years now. Sweet Potato Soul to the rescue! Jenn√© was kind enough to roll out an amazing, raw, sprouted, healthful […]


There’s something about starting your day with a glass of green, nutrient-dense, alkalizing goodness! This tasty concoction will flood your system with sunlight drenched chlorophyll and micro-nutrients, helping to heal your gut, detoxify your blood, tame inflammation, escort heavy metals out of your system and increase red blood cell production. Woot! Who needs coffee, gimme […]