Round two of HAUSGuest. I made a version of this gazpacho with watermelon last week, and it was deelish! Make sure you check out Jenné over at Sweet Potato Soul for more healthy, creative recipes. Enjoy! Marie All of the best produce is in season right now. With hot weather comes succulent fruits and vegetables […]


A few weeks ago I wrote about fermentation and the benefits of adding fermented foods to your diet to promote healthy gut bacteria. Well this really got me thinking about how I consume my grains! I grew up eating my mom’s hearty + homemade Sunflower Bread (which I love!) but I also decided years ago […]


The first time I tried this salad at Frankies 457 in Brooklyn, I instantly loved it. What a combination of flavors! It might have been the first time that I had the pleasure of tasting raw celery root, and though they’re ugly, knobby and gnarly looking things the taste is nutty, sweet and delicious. Coupled […]


There’s something about starting your day with a glass of green, nutrient-dense, alkalizing goodness! This tasty concoction will flood your system with sunlight drenched chlorophyll and micro-nutrients, helping to heal your gut, detoxify your blood, tame inflammation, escort heavy metals out of your system and increase red blood cell production. Woot! Who needs coffee, gimme […]