Green Smoothie Love

April 11, 2012

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There’s something about starting your day with a glass of green, nutrient-dense, alkalizing goodness! This tasty concoction will flood your system with sunlight drenched chlorophyll and micro-nutrients, helping to heal your gut, detoxify your blood, tame inflammation, escort heavy metals out of your system and increase red blood cell production. Woot! Who needs coffee, gimme some of that!
Word to the wise (that’s you!)…..If you’re just starting out on your crusade to take back your health and forge a new path to a gleaming, shiny stronger version of you, beware! This stuff takes some getting used to. If you’ve been eating the Standard American Diet (yep, that’s SAD for short) for the better part of your time on this earth, you’re gut is having to do a MAJOR U turn. So be gentle, take it easy. Start with one small(!) glass per day, and slowly work you’re way up to a blender full of the good stuff. Mwahh! So good.

This gem of a morning habit has been a staple at my house for the last year or so, and I just have grown to love this green sludge.

Here’s what I put in mine….

1-2 hand fulls of kale/spinach or romaine (wash first!)
1 cucumber (peeled if it ain’t organic)
2 stalks of (organic) celery
1 squeeze of lemon
1 tbsp Raw, organic Almond Butter
1 inch of peeled ginger
1 fist-full of parsley
1 banana (ripe but never brown
1-2 cups of fitered water or unsweetened almond milk
2-4 drops of liquid Stevia, or a fresh leaf of Stevia


if I have it I’ll also throw in…

1 tbsp of E3 Live Blue-Green Algae
1 scoop of Macro-Greens

Whoa, this smoothie is pumpin’!

I usually drink one big glass for breakfast and pour the rest in a mason jar and save it in the fridge for a couple of hours down the road. Delish!

What do you like to put in your morning smoothie? Leave me a comment and share the wealth.

PS. As you can see I tend to take it easy on the sweet fruits, so as to avoid a big spike in blood sugar. It’s also easier on the digestion that way.


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