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Make yourself at home, and stay a while. I built this site as a resource for MS and Autoimmune Warriors who want to re-establish balance in their lives and bodies and find vibrant health through lifestyle interventions including the way we eat, drink, move and think.

My mission is to help you feel inspired to become an active participant in  your healing process and empower your body to do it’s job and heal itself to the highest degree possible. 

Not only do I believe in the body’s natural capacity to heal, but I have experienced it in my own life, and had to share…. it’s just amazing!  I’ll show you things you can do every day to start experiencing it too, and hope you’ll come over often to see what’s new.

“Eat, live and move into your most vibrant, strong and healthy self.”

When I was first diagnosed with MS over 4 years ago, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the diagnosis itself and all the information out there that I ended up sifting through to figure out what would ultimately work for me.

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I deepened my knowledge about food, nutrition and lifestyle interventions for optimum health. If you’re interested to find out how I can help you address your health concerns and goals, ask me about my free 15 minute initial consult.

You can also learn more about my training here.

I believe a whole foods approach, filled with real, unprocessed food – vegetables, pastured meats, wild fish and nuts and seeds- is the best approach, I also understand that there is no one-size-fits-all diet.  In my program you will discover what works for YOU, in your specific circumstance.

I am currently developing an online program to guide you through the process of making the lifestyle changes that will transform your health.  During this interactive program you will  learn to nourish your body, and create the life that supports your healing.

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My dream is to create a positive space of healing where we can support each other in our healing journeys, and clear the way a little bit for your own transformation.

I’m always happy to hear from you, so please stop by anytime and say hi here, on facebook or twitter.