Candle 79’s Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

November 7, 2012

You’ve heard of Artichokes, and this post has absolutely nothing to do with them! Oh, you say. Then what is a Jerusalem Artichoke? It’s actually a tuber related to Sunflowers, also called Sunchoke (I know, confusing!) and long ago someone described them as tasting somewhat like Artichokes. Go figure! Anyhooo, these weird little guys are […]

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Halloween Treat : Pumpkin Maple Oat Cookies

October 24, 2012

This week I thought I’d post a recipe for those of you that are wondering how to survive Halloween without breaking all the rules of your healthy lifestyle. Halloween is full of sugary treats (why?), that can wrak havoc on your health and are so hard to resist when they’re everywhere! I thought I’d ask […]

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Stock your pantry

October 17, 2012

People ask me all the time how I stay on track and stick with my new healthy way of life without falling off the wagon. Truth is, it ain’t always easy! I have been able to completely squash any signs of MS thanks largely to the fact that I have committed myself fully to healing, […]

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October 10, 2012

Have you heard that phrase before? Not only does it make life and your dinner a whole lot more interesting, but there’s also a few health reason why you should vary not only the types of vegetables, but also the color. Colors of fruits and veggies can actually tell you some of the nutrients they […]

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Green Smoothie Love Part II

October 3, 2012

If you’ve been faithfully blending up the green sludge I wrote about in Part I , then you might also be ready for a variation. I would encourage you to play around and throw in whatever you feel would be tasty, as long as it keeps the sugar content low-ish. So in honor of Apple […]

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Vegetable Lasagna with Cashew Cheese

September 12, 2012

I was going to write a big long post about healing leaky gut this week, but the truth is I’ve been busy. Too busy to spend the time and energy this super important topic deserves, so instead I leave you with this: The Best Gluten Free Vegan Lasagna I think I’ve ever had. A friend […]

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Back to School Rawnola

September 5, 2012

Its back to school …and back to the morning grind. I’ve been looking for a more exciting breakfast option to replace the ol’ gluten free oats and fruit that I’ve been rockin’ for a few years now. Sweet Potato Soul to the rescue! Jenné was kind enough to roll out an amazing, raw, sprouted, healthful […]

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Take the Pressure off

August 29, 2012

One of the big picture concepts you have to understand before you embark on healing from any sort of chronic conditions is the concept of taking the pressure off. What kind of pressure am I talking about? Think of it this way, the average person spends close to 9 hours per day infront of some […]

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Wheat Belly Blues

August 22, 2012

If you’re feeling tired, bloated, itchy or achy after eating a plate of pasta or a sandwich, you’re probably singin’ the wheat belly blues thanks to a little group of proteins called gluten. Gluten is found in Wheat, Barley, Rye, Semolina, Spelt, Couscous and Bulgur, and is probably the most concentrated in wheat… wheat is […]

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Yoga – Take me OM

August 15, 2012

I’ve been a big fan of yoga since I discovered it in college, and in recent years it has become an increasingly important tool in my healing process. Yoga has a way of taking me out of my head and plugging me into the now. It’s a place where I feel strong, connected, whole and […]

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