Why me? How we got into this MS

April 4, 2012

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I asked myself that question a lot. Why did I get sick? It didn’t make sense to me (at first).  I was raised on home cooking and fresh food, and instilled with all the values that set me up for a healthy long life, so why did I get this &%@* disease?

This is really a much a bigger question than just “why me?” What really creates disease in the body?

I believe it’s not in ONE thing but in the combination of many things that contribute to making us sick.

People get sick for all kinds of reasons, and some people are lucky and never do! I always counted myself as one of those people. I was always a very strong, resilient and feisty little thang. I rarely got sick as a child, and when I did, powered through most bouts of illness. I have come to understand that, in order to prevent chronic illness, the trick is to try and maintain a sense of balance, so that the body has the opportunity to sustain an environment where all organs are functioning properly and disease cannot take hold. Seems simple enough, right? So what happened?

After moving to New York City in  my priorities had shifted dramatically from what I had known growing up. Gone were the home cooked meals, daily naps and regular exercise. Instead I was juggling several free lance jobs, eating cheap food on the fly, working hard to build a social structure and neglecting physical exercise almost completely. A few years into this I added an extremely demanding job, a nasty smoking habit and daily alcohol consumption. At the time this all seemed pretty standard. I mean, everyone was doing it! I vividly remember routinely waking up in the middle of the night with a sore, clenched jaw, my heart pounding, to email myself something I had to do the next day. Needless to say, I was not sleeping well either. Looking back it is clear that I was setting myself up for a breakdown.

Thing is, there are so many things out there that contribute to people getting sick. All of these things cause inflammation and toxicity overload and most of us are guilty of a few of these:

    Pesticides and chemicals in our food supply (more on this later!)
    Environmental toxins (pollution etc)
    Infections, parasites, and viruses all contribute to chronic inflammation
    Stress! Stress is a killer + major cause of disease.
    Poor diet (refined sugar, alcohol, gluten, genetically modified foods, trans fats….S.A.D.)
    Too much caffeine
    Too little sleep
    Not enough water
    Overmedicating and over taxing our poor livers
    Inadequate digestion


After years and years of living an imbalanced, toxic life style, a traumatic event may even trigger autoimmune disease.

Once you are already chronically infected and inflamed, any sort of traumatic event could lead to accumulated toxins triggering more serious, chronic conditions such as MS or other autoimmune dis-eases that you may be pre-disposed to.

This is EXACTLY what happened to me.

One night in 2006, after working til 11PM (this was normal in those days) I had a scooter accident. With adrenaline pumping through my veins, I hopped right back on and sped home. Sure enough, the next day I experienced what I would later recognize as my first episode of MS: my legs both went numb from the waist down, and I lost flexion in my right foot. Stubborn as I am, I powered through it and ignored my symptoms.

What’s your experience? Do you recognize yourself in any of the things listed above?

Have you been able to reconnect with a more balanced lifestyle?   I’d love to hear from you!

PS. Please don’t get overwhelmed by all of this information. I’ll be breaking this down bit by bit over time, so hop on the mailing list and stay tuned for updates. This is meant to give you a broad overview, so don’t worry details coming soon!

If you’d like to talk more about how you can get back to a more balanced, healthier and less toxic version of yourself, send me a note and we can set up a free health consultation.


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