Time for a technology holiday!

May 1, 2013

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a total tech nerd – I have more iPhone apps than most people I know, and I’m CONSTANTLY tethered to my phone – not only checking my Facebook page, emails and texts but using my phone to do everything from wake me up, time my meditation, lead my yoga practice, catch up on podcasts and read the news, blogs etc.

I love my iPhone, I do! But sometimes I feel that this wonderful tool has got me shackled to it.

The need to constantly be connected cis starting to feel counterproductive (not to mention I am finding it virtually impossible to be fully present when I am constantly bouncing around cyberspace, multitasking up a storm), and so to break the addiction, I’m taking 1 technology holiday a week.

No phone.
No computer.
No texting.
No facebook.
No blogging.

In fact, I’m going out to buy an analog alarm clock and I’m banishing all electronics from my bedroom starting now! I hope my significant other cooperates ;-).

I wont lie, I’m nervous! Is that ridiculous or what?! You’d laugh if you saw me right now- I’m literally sitting on the subway, listening to a podcast while writing this post on my favorite app Evernote. Oh dear.

I’m committed to finding more balance in my relationship with technology. I’m starting with 1 day a week and I’m hoping it will slowly spill over into the rest of my life. Maybe I can get to a point where I don’t turn my phone on til after breakfast, and turn it off after dinner? Let’s see. I’m starting slow. I’ll keep you posted, but not too much ;-)

Wish me luck, and please join me in taking a break from technology 1 day a week and let’s see what it feels like to slow down and be. here. now.


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